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Internet and services


internet and services

Frequently asked questions about payment

When does the internet turn on after payment?

After crediting the payment to the subscriber's personal account, Internet access is automatically turned on.

Paid on the wrong contract, what to do?

Send a receipt indicating the wrong contract and a letter to the post office про переказ грошей на правильний договір.

When and for what amount to top up the account?

To activate the service, you need to deposit the amount of the subscription fee to your account, according to your tariff plan. In the future, you can top up your account for any amount at any time. It is important that on the 1st of the month your account has a positive balance, not less than the full subscription fee, according to your current tariff plan. If after withdrawing the subscription fee on your account is zero, you can use the service for a month.

How is the subscription fee written off?

When connecting, you need to pay the amount of one subscription fee according to your tariff plan and the cost of connection. For the first month of using the Internet service, the amount proportional to the number of days in the current month will be deducted from the account, and the balance will be transferred to the next month.

Then, every 1st day, the amount of one subscription fee is deducted from your personal account, according to your tariff plan.

* Internet service is provided on prepayment, so the subscription fee for the next month must be paid in the current month. We recommend that you make a payment by the 30th of the current month.


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Credit of trust

As part of the loyalty program, subscribers are provided with a credit trust service

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