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Internet and services


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Internet and services


internet and services

Internet for business

High-speed Internet connection for offices, enterprises, organizations using modern networking technologies (Ethernet, FTTx). The amount of Internet traffic in corporate tariff plans is unlimited.

The sales department of our company practices an exclusively individual approach to business subscribers. Leave an application on the site, and our manager for work with corporate clients will contact you.

Internet for business (in the office)

Today, the Internet is simply necessary for business, without it, normal activities are impossible. The success of a business depends on how secure the network is. Therefore, it is better to run the Internet to the office through a fiber-optic cable, which provides the highest parameters of communication quality.

Why this connection is the best

The material of the optical fibers has such a property that inside there is no attenuation of the signal or its emission into the air. Therefore, the Internet for the office, conducted using fiber optic cable, will work at the highest possible speed.

Company Lucky.Net® has vast experience in ensuring that the Internet for business is provided at the highest quality level. Advantages of connecting via fiber optic cable:

  • Internet for the office will be cheaper than connecting a cable with metal cores;
  • absolute security of transmission and reception of information;
  • high speed of reception and transfer of volume files
  • long cable service life (up to 25 years).

Additional services

Domain registration

Domain name is the user's path to your site. It can tell about the company's activities, attract or divert potential customers.


Hosting is a guarantee of stability of your site. And hence the stability of your business.


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Credit of trust

As part of the loyalty program, subscribers are provided with a credit trust service

Mediaconverter indication

Не світиться або аномально блимає індикатор PWR – проблеми з живленням, можливо блок…

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