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Internet and services


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Internet and services


internet and services

Local Internet Registry, LIR

Lucky.Net has LIR status and is responsible for the distribution and registration of Internet resources at the local level.

LIR services
- Autonomous system registration, AS
- Support for autonomous systems
- Rental of IPv4 units

The following information is required to obtain an AS

  1. Form of ownership and full name of the enterprise, legal, physical and postal address, bank details, type of taxation, name of the head and on the basis of which he acts. Phone, e-mail address, fax, company website. Scan of the certificate of state registration of the enterprise.
  2. Address, telephone, name, e-mail of the administrative contact (usually the director or owner of the company) and technical contact (usually the system administrator), which will be entered in the received objects. It can be the same person. If he already has a RIPE-handle, let him know.
  3. E-mail address and number of the autonomous system of at least two of your partners (providers) with whom BGP-interaction will be built.

Registration fee - 100 €

Annual support payment - 100 €

In general, the cost in the first year is 200 euros, and then - 100 euros.

Lease IP-IP addresses from the address space of our company

  • block size - from 256 to 4096 IPv4 addresses (netmask /24../21);
  • network registration in RIPE Database (inetnum object);
  • routing permission from other autonomous systems (registration of the route object with client origin);
  • address lease term - from 1 month to 1 year with the possibility of extension.
  • the cost of one network / 24 is € 110 per month


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Credit of trust

As part of the loyalty program, subscribers are provided with a credit trust service

Mediaconverter indication

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